Inspired by The Yu Dog, 25 More Dishes to Honor DFW Sports Stars

Make sure your Heater Pro is at Maximum Speed for precise hot dog delivery.
Make sure your Heater Pro is at Maximum Speed for precise hot dog delivery.

The Yu Dog at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington has created a food media circus. But he's not the only DFW sports icon worthy of his own dish at The Ballpark in Arlington, Jerryland and the AAC. Here are some others.

1. Tom Landry Enormous fedora filled with chili. Feather garnish optional.

2. Nolan Ryan Two-pound slab of organic beef, loaded into a Heater Pro pitching machine and hurled at your face at 102 mph. Catch it, and it's free.

3. Michael Irvin Fried mink.Iincludes free plastic pinky finger to dip cocaine flavored dipping sauce.

4. Troy Aikman Chicken Fried Steak. It's all-American and so is he, dammit.

5. Mike Modano A super fast melting popsicle. With great hair.

6. Michael Young Grilled cheese sandwich. A little boring, but it's really, really good and you'd rather have that than anything new and crazy that you don't trust. And once you buy it, you can't change your mind and ask for a trade.

Mmm...a Dirty Thirty
Mmm...a Dirty Thirty

7. "Mean Joe" Greene At all UNT home games: a dirty thirty of Keystone Lights and 4 Taco Bell crunchy tacos.

8. Leon Lett Giant, embarrassing platter holding a complete Thanksgiving feast. Platter is coated with Crisco and only sold in the last 15 seconds of the game.

9. Emmitt Smith Diamond crusted tilapia. Upgrade to the Holy Shit WHAT Package and Emmitt will hang out with you during the game because he's like....the NICEST guy on the planet. And he'll probably drive you home.

10. Ivan Rodriguez Pudge Fudge. Served on a bed of whipped butter. Topped with Dippin' Dots and crushed Oreos. Free tight pants with purchase.

11. Roger Staubach The Hail Mary, duh. It's a 3-pound pig-in-a-blanket. Enjoy.

12. Jason Kidd The Triple Doooouuuuble! Nachos! Hot Dog! Pizza! With free bottle of Centrum Silver!

13. Steve Ott Fried Otter. But you have to fight it to the death.

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