Tesar is Everywhere.
Tesar is Everywhere.
Catherine Downes

John Tesar Built a New Lunch Menu at Oak and Now We Feel Bad for Making Fun of Him*

*Not really.

A couple months back, we had some fun at John Tesar's expense, which is one of our favorite pastimes, sort of like table tennis and stand-up paddle boarding, only those ones we only talk about doing. Making fun of Tesar: We do that, often, most recently because he had accepted his 784th new job in Dallas' restaurant scene, on top of writing a new cookbook and Tweeting profanity at people and misplacing his eyewear on his forehead.

The new job was chef at Oak, the Design District fine-dining restaurant. Tesar has been busy remaking the menu and kitchen staff, and recently unveiled a new lunch menu. It is mouth-watering. It is expensive as hell. It is here:

According to a press release, Tesar is still fine-tuning the dinner menu, which is expected to include a whole chicken stuffed with Warby Parker's summer line.


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