Mario Batali Deep Fried by Fans after Supporting a Texas Pro-Choice Group

Last week Sarah Silverman and Lizz Winstead hosted a telethon called "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose," a fund raiser for a variety of Lady Parts Justice, a Texas-based pro-choice organization that promoted the event under the Twitter handle @TXWomenForever. During the telethon chef Mario Batali encouraged people to donate on Twitter:

Hello Americans i am happy to match your donations for the next 30 minutes up to 5 grand in support of @TXWomenForever C'mon !!!!!

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Because Twitter is the worst place ever, fellow Internet users began tweeting personal insults at Batali. He engaged with them but kept a surprisingly cheerful tone the entire time, even encouraging people who disagreed with him to boycott his restaurants.

"You seem successful and delightful! RT. @USSANews: Pro choice? Then choose to eat a carrot once in a while you fat fuck. Just sayin..."

"Thx for the tip, I imagine you could give me even more life advice RT. @Pambeaux:@TXWomenForever Stay in the kitchen and out of politics."

"Yes working on Philippines aid too!

RT. @JeanTerranova: the Philippines could use your help. Bet you have cooks from the area."

"Reminded!! A boycott is a very good way to speak your mind!!!

Ahh freedom!!

RT. @BondSora:Remind me never to eat at his place..."

Batali actually owns eleven restaurants, and though he's been involved in an unfortunate tip-skimming scandal that cost him over $5 million, he's also started an organization to fight childhood hunger.


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