Mexico City: The Gourmet Taco Brings Home the Bacon

Mexico City: The Gourmet Taco offers a variety of Mexican food plus mini gas station taquería-y tacos and "gourmet tacos." For those of you who don't know, in Spanish "gourmet tacos" means "same as the mini tacos but in a larger tortilla and topped with veggies 'n' shit." I was going to order the three gourmet tacos deal for $6.99, but then the waitress appeared. (That's right, you're gonna have a real table and a real server here, so you're gonna have to tip. Don't know why it bugs you so much—you tip strippers without blinking. And there's one thing the fine ladies at Babydolls won't do that the waitstaff at Mexico City always does: They let you finish.)

When my server started talking about the specials of the day, she said two words that changed everything I had planned for my lunch future. "Bacon chorizo." Yes and fuck yes, please give me the alambre plate (steak, bacon chorizo, green pepper, onion and cheese with tortillas, rice and beans).

My food came out of the kitchen on a stupid-hot fajita plate. Every time I see one of those plates I think of this one day I was waiting tables at Bennigan's and I was taking a fajita plate to one of my tables, holding it on a tray with a bunch of other stuff. Holding it way too close to my head. Too close means the fajita plate was burning my hair off my head and I didn't even know it until my nose said, "These fajitas smell like burning hair." And then as I served the plate, my eyes said, "There's a small chunk of someone's hair on those fajitas." And then my brain said, "Shit! That's my hair! Shit! They're already eating! Well, I guess it kinda looks like a garnish." And then my feet said, "Fuck it, these people were dicks. Let's bolt and see what happens." They ate it. And soon, I was promoted to shift lead. But I digress.


Mexico City: The Gourmet Taco

Free chips and salsa count: 0 Cups of drool I drooled over bacon chorizo: 3
Mexico City: The Gourmet Taco 6959 Arapaho Road 972-788-2891

The bacon-chorizo-ed alambre plate was super tasty. Especially when I added some of their verde salsa and the smoky red salsa from the giant salsa tower they provide. Their gourmet tacos were good, but pussy-white-boy mild. If you go here, I'd go for a daily special instead. Mine was Billy-Ray-Cyrus-calling-Hanna-Montana-a-disaster good.

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