Mi Tierra Latin Fusion, a Bastion of Puerto Rican Cuisine, Closing

Mi Tierra Latin Fusion Restaurant , a Puerto Rican-Latin American restaurant in Arlington is set to shutter December 31 (that would be tomorrow) tweeted Bud Kennedy, columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, last week. The family-owned eatery housed in a bungalow is one of two establishments (that we know of) serving Puerto Rican fare in the metroplex.

No more coconut soup....
No more coconut soup....

Mi Tierra has been a refuge for Puerto Ricans in the area. Inventive twists were given traditional dishes. For example, tostones, fried plantain discs, were presented as a nacho plate (tostones con pollo nachos) and the coconut soup made it onto our 100 Favorite Dishes list. Nods to the majority Latino population were included on the menu (Kind-of Mexican fajitas), as were forays into other Latin American cuisines (Peruvian /ceviche and Argentinean churrasco). Nevertheless, familiarity reigned, and Puerto Rican residents of Dallas-Fort Worth, myself included, got a taste of home when we dined on executive chef/co-owner Damaris Torres' offerings.

While Mi Tierra's closing was confirmed by a restaurant employee, Torres was unavailable for comment. Moreover, the restaurant's website listed nothing about closing.

Those of us who crave moist and fat-cradled pernil or chunky mofongo, myself included, are left only with Isla Mia in Carrolton. Mi Tierra will be missed.

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