Michelle’s Homestyle Cooking: Just Like Heaven, With Dressing on the Side

I was sitting in Michelle's Homestyle Cooking, sipping on sweet tea, waiting for my food to arrive and thinking to myself that I was living a pretty great life. I've got a loving family, great friends, Showtime—things are pretty perfect. And then my food arrived. After one bite of my giant portion of chicken-fried chicken with brown gravy, I almost started to cry: Why the bajingo have I spent the last 28 years donging around, eating anywhere else but Michelle's when I could have been having lunch at this heaven-sent soul-food fest every day? My life up to this point has clearly been a joke.

As my wasted days are flashing before my eyes, I take a bite of the dressing and almost completely lose my mind. Soaked in more brown gravy with pieces of chicken hiding in it like buried treasure, this freaking dressing was beyond good. It was sent to my mouth by Jesus. I swear. The chicken-fried chicken and dressing combo was unbelievably good for what they're charging. I would easily pay 400 gold doubloons for this dish. It was amazing. Make up a word in your head that means "beyond fucking delicious," and it's that (mine was "felicious"). I also had yams on my Senior Plate (50 cool points for calling the 1-meat-and-2-veggies-plus-bread plate old-persony and wussified. And another 50 cool points for having a 2-meat-and-3-veggies-plus-bread plate as an option. Wowza). They were good, but I think next time I'm doubling up on the otherworldly dressing.

If you can't tell, I highly recommend this place. I went on a Sunday around noon and just barely beat the lunch rush, which was a line full of droolers that ran clear out the door. There's a drive-through option if you'd rather not sit inside, but the service inside is great. The people who work there remind you that when someone asks, "How are you today?" they can actually mean it—or, at least these folks are great at sounding like they mean it, which is more than any fake-boobed shmancy restaurant ho—emphasis-on-the-"ho"—stess has ever done.


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