Now You Can Have Snow 's BBQ Right on Your Couch

Now You Can Have Snow 's BBQ Right on Your Couch

You've heard of Snow's BBQ, right? How about Black's and Kreuz Barbecue in Lockhart? The most popular barbecue restaurants in Texas are known for their long lines and wait times as much as they are their meats.

But what if you could sit on your couch and wait for a packaged brisket to drop at your doorstep? A new business called Foodie Direct offers just that. It'll cost you $64 for four pounds. Plus an itsy-bitsy $8.50 shipping fee. Chump change?

Smoked meats from all of the pits I mentioned are available, in addition to dishes from dozens of other restaurants around the country.

You can get crab cakes from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and other dishes I can see actually traveling well. LobsterbBisque by the half gallon shipped from Turner's Seafood could make sense if you grew up on and need the stuff. A Philly cheese steak with wiz, though from Campo's has to be disgusting by the time it makes it to your door.

And yet.

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