Oh Sweet Fancy Moses, Taco Bell is Testing a Waffle Taco
Via Buzzfeed/Statigram

Oh Sweet Fancy Moses, Taco Bell is Testing a Waffle Taco

OK, so there are no more jokes to make about Taco Bell pushing the boundaries of hyperbole with their new fast food items. It's done. It's all done. Can we be done? Somewhere in between Idiocracy references, Inception, the zombie apocalypse and our heads exploding like the guy in Scanners, we're out of metaphors to capture the madness.

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The circus that is Taco Bell's marketing team continues: Brand Eating and Foodbeast and soon all the blogs and this one are reporting that Taco Bell is testing/rolling out/releasing upon the world a Waffle Taco. A Waffle Taco, in case you were wondering, is egg and sausage inside of a waffle that's shaped like a taco. To recap: layer of egg + layer of sausage + waffle folded into taco shape. It's 89 cents, too. They're currently testing it in Southern California. Foodbeast is reporting it comes with a packet of syrup.

So, we should expect Doritos to make a Waffle Taco-flavored chip soon, right?


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