Park It at PD’s

Laps of parking lot required before you'll find a spot count: 15

Chip varieties count:

Bites left on your plate count: 0


PD Johnson's

2711 McKinney Ave.

I saw the Web video "2 Girls, 1 Cup" (do NOT look that up) and that made me feel like having some lunch, so I decided to check out PD Johnson's.

I ordered the Spicy Johnson plus pickles because pickles are badass. I picked out some Parmesan garlic chips because I like to create the worst breath on the planet and then close-talk at my co-workers. I expanded the burpfest with a tasty carbonated beverage. My total was exactly $10. Win.

While I waited for the sandwich, I approved of my surroundings. From the sign with a hobbit on it that reads "Beer: Breakfast of Champions" to the Wall o' Comics that predates the Internet, the décor of this place says, "What's Queer Eye?"

Food: gooooood. The sandwich had a ridiculous amount of wing sauce on the turkey, which is the only way to go. And I like that the menu offers small, medium and large sandwiches. They happily cater to the hungry and the fungry.

The only drawback for me was the parking situation. Right now, PD's is on McKinney Avenue (which wins the award for Shittiest Street in Dallas for magically running one-way in the opposite direction from where you want to go, no matter which direction you want to go. Colin McKinney must be rolling in his grave. "Seriously? I sign the Texas Declaration of Independence and all I get is a crappy street and a pseudo city named after me? Lame!") The deli is in a shopping center that has no fucking parking, so they're moving down the street, I hope to a place where there's fucking parking. (Regular parking would probably work just as well.) There's so little parking at their current location that even the handicapped people are like, "What the crutches? How many handicapped people must come here for the handicapped spot to always be full too? Why'd I bother studying for that ADHD test if it wasn't going to guarantee me good parking for the Lex?"

If you do find parking, do me a favor and make faces at or flash the people sitting at the window bar of the Chipotle that's next door. They deserve it for laming out and going to a chain when hometown sandwich goodness is 3 feet away.


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