Seriously, we don't get it.
Seriously, we don't get it.
Alice Laussade's phone

Photo: Don't Get it, Texadelphia

Uhh... I don't get it, Texadelphia. I thought for sure it was more important that I find your queso than that I find God. But, OK. I'll go find God. Thanks?

Update: Tuesday, August 10:

Photo: Don't Get it, Texadelphia
Alice Laussade's Phone

Just drove past the outdoor board that just yesterday said, "it's more important you find God than Texadelphia."

Today, it has an entirely new design and message that I initially thought was some kindergarten graffiti. Upon closer inspection, it looks like someone from Texadelphia got a paintbrush and rewrote the board in the middle of the night. Or maybe it's some newfangled design style I'm not cool enough to know about?

Either way, this new board confuses me even more. You lost me, Texadelphia.


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