Pollo Fiesta: It's Like a Chicken Party in Your Mouth

I discovered Pollo Fiesta while taking a Spring Valley detour to avoid the usual 20-car pile up on the High Five. (By the way, high five for naming this, Dude Who Named the High Five. And high five for all the wrecks it's causing. High fuckin' five.) Pollo Fiesta's sign boasts "Chicken Mexican Food," which, in combination with my Spanish 101 translation of "Pollo Fiesta" to "Chicken Party," says to me that this place makes Mexican food for chickens. Chickens who like to party. Sweet.

Question: Are the items on their menu as cheap as their signage? Answer: Hell yes. The only things over $10 on the menu are family meals. Their Web site shows that they have a Garland Road location, so I decided to try that one out. It should also be noted that their Web site plays the coolest acoustic-guitar-plus-whistling-plus-trumpets music. Too bad the song also includes a creepy adult pretending to be a child begging his/her father to take him/her to Pollo Fiesta. I navigated away at the point that the kid asks dad for more burritos.

I ordered the three-piece chicken with about six tortillas (not homemade, just sayin', don't get your hopes up), rice and charro beans for $5.47. But you should just order the three-piece without the sides for $3.49. The rice and beans weren't anything special, but that chicken was fallin'-off-the-bone juicy. So, just focus on that. Order yourself some guacamole (totally worth it) for $1.79, some extra tortillas (33 cents for three) and have yourself a taco fest (that's what she said). Oh, and definitely skip the drive-through. Inside, there's a serve yourself salsa bar, which means unlimited red salsa, gross pickled onions everyone but me seems to love and hot creamy green stuff (in this case, that's a good thing and isn't a post-Valentine's Day gift requiring a lifetime of doctor visits).


Pollo Fiesta

Pollo Fiesta 722 W. Spring Valley Road 972-234-0125 and 11322 Garland Road 214-319-9990

Quarts of creamy green salsa I personally took down: 4 Times I wished I�d skipped the rice to save more room for chicken: 300

To quote Pollo Fiesta's Web site, "Por que la familia merece lo mejor, Pollo Fiesta, calidad que se antoja." Whichroughly translates to, "Hey, bitches! Chicken party to the limit!"


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