Best screen grab -- ever.
Best screen grab -- ever.

Rachael Ray Visits Mariano's; No Word Whether She Stenciled Her Face on the Bathroom Wall

Rachael Ray thinks you're quirky, Dallas. She thinks you're friendly, too. Below you'll find a clip from Rachael Ray's Food Network show, Tasty Travels.

You know the drill -- lots of gesticulation, hand gestures, eye rolling and Rachael Ray's crazy intonation. She visits Mariano's and re-hashes the birth of the frozen margarita and examines salsa verde and a puffy taco that looks like a softball.

I wonder if an appearance on Tasty Travels has a similar effect on business to restaurants featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I wonder if Ray sharpied the bathroom stall at Mariano's. I wonder how I managed to finish a blog post without using the word "yumm-o." Oh well -- viva la margarita!


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