I was hoping I'd never have to watch this again.
I was hoping I'd never have to watch this again.

Rangers Announce Doritos Topped Nachos And Boomstick Eating Conest

If you've having trouble selling a menu item, your best bet may be to put Doritos on it. The Texas Rangers just announced the latest snack to follow the much lauded boomstick. Totally ROSSome Nachos will boast tortilla chips covered in white queso, pico de gallo and a choice of shredded meat heaped into a pink plastic baseball helmet. The entire thing is topped with Nacho Cheese Doritos.

The nachos, which sound like they were branded by someone with a lisp, are actually named after relief pitcher Robbie Ross and follow the 2-foot-long 1-pound hot dog named after slugger Nelson Cruz. That hot dog generated a lot of press for the Rangers, but one shouldn't downplay the power of Doritos.

Earlier this summer, Taco Bell announced their Doritos Locos taco with a shell made from Doritos. The chain went on to sell 100 million dusty, neon-orange tacos marking the most successful menu item launch in the company's history. Doritos may be the silver bullet in casual food marketing.

Tomorrow night as the Rangers close out their series with the Boston Red Sox, Sportservice, the food company behind all these stadium creations will host a boomstick eating contest. I've seen grown men try and tackle the mammoth dog on their own, and I can attest, it's not a pretty sight. Five contestants including former Rangers pitcher Jeff Russel have signed up for the abuse. I'm secretly hoping the winner gets topped with Doritos.


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