Review: Dowtown Corn Dog

There are plenty of ways to get a good cheap lunch in Dallas. You can use the old, "I paid last time." You can sign yourself up for a homemade cold-cut guiltwich at Mom's. You can yoink somebody else's lunch out of the work fridge—there are countless options. But, I have to say, eating a corn dog from Downtown Corn Dog ranks much higher for me on the Ways to Get a Cheap Lunch in Dallas Scale than any of those options.

Downtown Corn Dog is on Griffin Street, right across from a bus stop. From the outside, this building is completely sketchy. Everything from the chipped paint to the Newport cigarette ads in the windows says "uninviting." I drove past it about 20 times before I decided it wasn't closed. It was the "Get-N-Here" signs they have taped to the front door that did it. Saw those and I immediately got-n-there. What? I take direction really well.

As I waited in line inside, I took some time to check out the menu. Not only does Downtown Corn Dog serve up corn dogs downtown, but they also serve $2 jalapeño cheeseburgers that are waaaaay better than a fast food burger for way cheaper. Plus, they have lots of chicken wings and crinkle fries. What they don't serve: diet beverages. I think hearing the word "diet" after "corn dog" or "cheeseburger" just sounded so ridiculous to them that they took it off the menu. Once I figured out my plan, I practiced my order in my head, "One corn dog, fries and a pink lemonade." I could tell that everyone else in line had done this before and that the lady behind the counter had zero time for newbies. I would get a quick and painful ass reaming/beating from her if there were any "uh"s or "um"s in my order speech. I ordered and paid. For $3.90, I got my corny dog, fries and my large pink lemonade.


Downtown Corn Dog

505 N. Griffin St.

When your food comes up at this little place, you'd better be ready. They serve it up in a paper bag and never ask you if it's "for here or to go" because whether you like it or not, you're taking it to go, ho. No tables for you.

Let me say that this corn dog was delicious. Clearly breaded and fried right there, right before I ordered it. It was crunchy and boiling-lava hot, which is exactly how I like my corn doggage. Next time, I'll skip the crinkle fries and opt for an additional dog.


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