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Rex's at the Market Closer to Opening

Beau Bellomy's estimate for a late summer opening for Rex's at the Market was a bit too optimistic. Bellomy stopped working at his father's original location of Rex's on Lovers Lane this spring. Then rains pushed back construction of the common elements of Shed 1 at the Dallas Farmers Market, where his new restaurant will be located. Other delays piled on.

He's close though. Bellomy hopes visitors to the shed will be able to stop by and buy a lobster roll by the end of November. In the meantime, Stocks & Bondy, Palmieri Café, Nammi, Coolhaus, La Ventana and the other businesses that will anchor the shed will slowly open in the coming weeks. More businesses are at the ready — they're just waiting for foot traffic to pick up.

Bellomy says his restaurant is progressing. The walls are up, and now they're waiting on equipment including hoods and refrigeration. When Rex's does open, expect a faster, more casual interpretation of the location on Lovers Lane. The shed will offer communal seating, so don't expect a waitstaff.

Still, Bellomy says he's examining ways to offer grilled fish plates and other entrées to keep his new restaurant from coming off as too casual, while still keeping track of his dinnerware in a communal dining space. The remaining food businesses in the shed are sorting out the same final planning points as one of the most anticipated components of the revitalized Dallas Farmers Market prepares to open. Certainly by next spring, Dallasites will have access to a completely new farmers market downtown.
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Scott Reitz
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