Sabor: A Taco Joint Brings on Dance Club Flashbacks.

I haven't been in a dance club in about 10 years, but when I walked into Sabor: A Taco Joint, I thought I'd accidentally broken my streak. ("Shit. Now, I have to give back my 10 Years Free Of Douche Boners In My Back chip and my I No Longer Know All The Words To This Beyonce Song badge. I earned those!") They have a giant red booth along one of the back walls, there's all this crazy filigree-d wallpaper, and it's lit like a club. (Read: dark in daytime to protect you from stuff you don't want to see. Ya know, like they do at Babydolls. Nobody wants to see any of that junk in broad daylight. Kinda like nobody wants to see Teri Hatcher without makeup. Or with makeup.) But it turns out "A Taco Joint" isn't a euphemism for "a place to bump uglies with ladies who love ladies." It just means "a place that sells tacos."

Sabor's menu is reminiscent of a gas station taquería menu. A gas station taquería menu with just chicken, beef and fish (no cabeza or lengua), so it's gringo-friendly. All the tacos are two to three bucks each and there's a lunch special for $7 that gets you two chicken or beef tacos plus two sides (rice and beans are your options) and a drink (I'm pretty sure the frozen margaritas from the self-serve frozen margarita machine aren't included in that, but bless them for having booze around).

I ordered the Black & Blu taco (rib-eye, blue cheese, caramelized onions, avocado) and a tilapia taco. While I waited, I watched some muted Jeopardy! while "Like a G6" blasted through the Sabor sound system. Weirdest. Combo. Ever. For a sec, I actually thought it was Trebek saying he was "sippin' sizzurp in [his] ride." Not. OK.


Sabor: A Taco Joint

Sabor: A Taco Joint 1301 Main St. 214-741-1919

Other people eating there besides me count: 0 Weird club vibe count: 1 (major)

My favorite of the two tacos was the grilled tilapia, which came with a nice corn and chipotle cream coleslaw that was spicy. Top it with their light, citrus-y green salsa and it's even better. Each taco was served on a single corn tortilla (not the double layer you might expect) but the tacos didn't break as I ate them, so it didn't bug me.

Sabor isn't as good as some of the more authentic taco joints in town like El Paisa, but if you're stuck downtown, Sabor's tacos sure beat the shit out of eating at Enchilada's.

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