Scalini's Pizza and Pasta: A Perfect Pesto Pie

Ask 20 people in Dallas, "Where's the best pizza in town?" and you'll get at least 20 different answers. And most of those places charge ridiculously outrageous prices for a slice. Apparently, people think that in order to make good pizza in D-Town they have to charge hooker blow jay prices for it. I mean, really Grimaldi's? Really? Is it completely necessary that you serve your pizza with a side of wallet raping?

On the continuing search for the intersection of delicious and cheap, I headed out to Scalini's for what I heard would be "one of the best pizzas you've ever had."

The style here is Neapolitan thin-crust pizza. I ordered the large pesto pizza (pesto sauce, grilled chicken, tomato, red onion, "No substitutions!") because I'm popular and I bring friends with me to lunch to make my meal cheaper ("Aww, dang. Forgot my wallet again."). When the pesto pizza arrived at our table, I went completely Beyonce Obsessed on it. Every bite was perfectly sauced, perfectly topped, perfectly cooked heaven. And every slice was gone when we left.


Scalini�s Pizza and Pasta

Scalini�s Pizza and Pasta 2021 Abrams Road 214-821-8088

Pizzagasm count: 3 To-go boxes I needed count: 0

Don't have a mom/friend/pimp to talk into paying for you? 1) Haha. You don't have friends. 2) Get the gloriously cheap lunch special: an 8-inch plate-size cheese pizza for a measly five bucks (For 75 cents each, you can add more toppings).

One thing: I feel it's important to mention that we also ate the Alfredo pizza (Alfredo sauce, shrimp, sun-dried tomatoes, scallions) and I have to say that that shit was ga-ross. I was not on board at any point with this choice, from ordering process to pooping out shrimp. It sounded nasty, it looked nasty, it was nasty. If you like it, you're super nasty. Let me be clear as the air between Mischa Barton's ears here: I have nothing against fish on pizza. Clams and anchovies, come on down to my pizza times. But, this Alfredo pizza with shrimp and scallions on it needs to keep its stank away from my face, or I will cut a bitch. Only order this pizza if you plan on pranking a vacationing coworker by leaving a stinky slice taped inside his desk drawer for a week. Or if you have a wish to die of "This tastes like shit" face.

If you come to Scalini's, stick with the pesto pizza. It's totally make-out worthy.


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