Sloppy Seconds: The Friendly Confines

Sloppy Seconds: The Friendly Confines

From Cafe Brazil to Jimmy John's, we covered a handful of spots near and dear to our hearts here at City of Ate's Oak Lawn H.Q. Dave, meanwhile, highlights a place where it's no problem feeling right at home. But if there's one lesson to draw from the week, it's this: get out of New York. Even if you're in Oak Cliff.

The Week in Review(s):

  • Your own Dallas Observer: Dave enjoys the friendly atmosphere at Nick & Sam's Grill, and tries to enjoy the food too.
  • Dallas Morning News: Leslie Brenner takes on Brazilian-Vietnamese fusion at Lumi Empanada and Dumpling Kitchen, while we imagine the hilarious TV sitcom possiblities. Brenner also checks out Citrus Bistro this week.

Highlights from City of Ate:

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