Squeals on Wheels: Why Not Make a Pig of Yourself?

When I heard that Screen Door had just opened a cash-only food cart called Squeals On Wheels that offers a variety of meat-plus-bread combinations (pork sandwiches, hot dogs, brisket sandwiches) for under 10 bucks, after blurting out, "Fuck this PTA meeting!" I headed straight for One Arts Plaza.

My inner fatty had a great idea: "Let's eat two lunches today and pretend they're just one!" And I have to say, my inner fatty made a really good point. I mean, everyone knows that if you eat two entrées simultaneously, they magically become one entrée and therefore, you're really only eating one meal, right?

So, I asked for a table outside at Screen Door. Then, I ordered the Screen Door's BLT (which is bacon, lettuce, fried green tomato and basil mayo on toasted sourdough) with sweet potato fries for a little over $10. And then, I moseyed on over to Squeals On Wheels and got myself a giant brisket sandwich with slaw on top for just five bucks.


Squeals On Wheels

Squeals On Wheels One Arts Plaza (just outside of Screen Door) 1722 Routh St. No. 132 214-720-9111

Douchetown valet count: 3 Times I called the food cart guy Cartman: 2

As I returned to my table with my brisket sandwich, my server was refilling my iced tea and gave me the Dallas Stink Eye (You know the one: In one eyebrow raise, it says, "Are you really wearing a hoodie and flip flops in One Arts Plaza? I can't believe they actually valeted your stank-ass Subaru. Also, why are you bringing a brisket sandwich back to this table when you already ordered a BLT? I'm unimpressed by your whole deal."). I responded to the DSE by simply stating, "Yeah, I know I'm a fat bastard." CHOMP.

The brisket sandwich was great. First of all, it was big. They didn't buy the crappy, small Mrs Baird's buns—they went with the big ones. And the brisket was smoky, chopped and covered in a sweet sauce I really enjoyed. The slaw added a nice crunch to an otherwise mushy sandwich.

After a few bites of brisket sandwich, BLT plus sweet potato fries arrived. I took one BLT bite and although it was good, for my money it was nowhere near as good as the brisket sandwich. The fries, on the other hand, were sent to earth by sweet potato angels—they were thin cut and super crispy.

Next time, I'm getting a brisket sandwich from Squeals On Wheels and a side of sweet potato fries to-go from Screen Door. Lunch pwned.

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