State of Disunion

The once-hip patio and lounge known as Republic shut down without warning a few weeks ago--you know that much, particularly if you banged on the doors for a while. Now Jason Quiroga, initial bar manager, reports that he and one of the original investors, Bill McCrorey, regained control of the shuttered place and plan to pop the doors back open September 3 after a quick renovation. Some of Republic's backstory: Quiroga and McCrorey contemplated a new concept about a year ago called Empire. That plan perhaps served as the catalyst for their ouster from Republic shortly after. The original bar staff, including Adam Salazar and Brian McCullough likewise abandoned the place. Rumors swirled. "There was always spite," Quiroga admits, "but we knew they were going to fail on their own." The new partners hope to funnel profits from a reopened Republic to complete construction of Empire. Or so the story goes. A more recent original investor, Ryan Levy, claims he sold his stake in a "confidential" transaction, although not to McCrorey. Yet for some reason he and Quiroga contacted both former bartenders about returning to work and maintain they've put in 14-hour days over the past two weeks reshaping the lounge and patio area.

Crime Spree: Ambitious lumberjacks nabbed four trees from the patio at Daniele Osteria, and that's not OK by the restaurant staff. Gone are healthy lemon, lime, almond and pear trees--so perhaps not lumberjacks but a renegade band of vegetarians or landscape architects looking to increase their profit margin. The garden thugs responsible even tried to lift a fig tree but failed. Meanwhile, says employee Christina Newton, "the wisteria is fabulous." Daniele's staff notified police...Kids in the safe, suburban environs of Carrollton concocted an equally ambitious caper. They stroll into Albertson's at Josey Lane and Keller Springs Road, saunter over to the beer aisle, grab and rush for the exit. Not much originality but very effective. An evening manager chased a teen clutching a bottle between each finger. To combat the hoodlums, store management now strings grocery carts across the entrance at night...In the wake of Hunger Busters' appearance in the Houston Chronicle regarding Dallas' war on the homeless, director Tina Williams received notice from a guy named Peter in Oregon. Seems Peter pledged $50 of his own pocket change to defray the cost of any fine slapped on the organization for feeding people outside designated areas.

Too Cool: Nominations are in for one of the greatest radio promotions ever, the Mix 102.9 morning show's Lunch Lady Cook-off. We're thinkin' Salisbury steak with beanie weenie remoulade.


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