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Step Right up to Val’s Cheesecakes, Now Open on Maple Avenue

If you are so over the endless parade of doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies, cronuts, macarons, popsicles, juices, fro-yo and every other kind of sweet treat Dallas has to offer, well, too bad because there’s one more you've just got to try. That’s right. There’s another sweet in town, and it’s available by the jar. Val’s Cheesecakes, formerly only available online, via phone order or at a select few locations in the area, now officially has claimed its brick-and-mortar spot on Maple Avenue. These little glass jars of creamy goodness, some in flavors with adorable Dallasy names like the Lemmon Avenue (cheesecake topped with lemon curd) and the Greenville Avenue (a mint chocolate cheesecake), are sized quite nicely for a (nearly) guiltless treat. 

Val’s new sweet spot is a walk-up window facing Maple (perfect for a quick mid-afternoon field trip for the Observer staff), or alternatively one can order from another walk-up, which just so happens to be located inside the Grapevine bar’s outside seating area. That’s right. A drunker version of you can now have Nutella cheesecake, or a spicy chipotle brownie, or even a bacon oatmeal cookie, without even leaving the bar. Genius! Hours are 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

Tuesday night, owner Valery Jean-Bart and his team hosted a grand opening party, complete with discounted cheesecake jars and cocktails, free food, and adorable citrus-themed fans that proved quite useful in the summer heat. Despite the high temps, hundreds showed up to get a taste of the now more easily accessible sweets. Val and his managing partner and co-owner Christopher Reece proudly chatted up customers and served up sweets until they ran out of pretty much everything. Folks sat inside at the Grapevine, enjoying each other’s company and in some cases wishing they’d gotten there a bit sooner in time to snag a flavor that had sold out. Well, good thing there’s a brick-and-mortar now.

Val's Cheesecakes is located at 3906 Maple Ave.

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