Taco Joint

Jalapeño ranch and salsa bar count: 1

Times I was amazed by how good crispy tacos could be count: 50

Urban Taco can suck one. A big fat one with a tattoo that says, "Mockingbird Station ain't effin' urban, and real tacos are big as yo' face." If you want to get yourself some actual tacos in an actual urban setting, there are many places you can go in Dallas to feed that need without having to wear designer jeans and sell your Prada knockoff to afford them. One of the newest options is Taco Joint. I heard this place had great breakfast tacos, so I thought I'd check them out. It was so good my stomach wrote me a thank-you letter.


Taco Joint

Taco Joint

911 N. Peak St.


Simultaneously located at the corner of Peak and Gaston as well as at the intersection of No Uptownies Even Driving By Unless They're Really Lost and There's No Way That Guy's Butt Crack Is Really That Long, Taco Joint's parking lot is full at 12:15 p.m. on a Monday, and it's only been open for a few weeks. That sign, plus the sign in the window that says, "free Wi-Fi" and "credit cards accepted" made me start to worry that their online menu was lying when it said their crispy tacos were only $1.99.

When I opened the door, the angels started singing. and I knew this was taco heaven. Yes, that crispy taco is indeed $1.99. And I will eat it up. Also, gimme The Lester (which is basically a soft taco slathered with refried beans and topped with a crispy taco) and a drink. My total was way under $10. My tacos were more than delicious. They actually got my order wrong—but because this is taco heaven, they got it good wrong—and gave me three crunchy tacos with rice and beans instead of just one taco. Aw, dag. Looks like I have to eat them just to be polite. And as if that wasn't enough food already, I made my friend order The Disaster with her meal. (Yes, I'm cheap as shit. This is known.) "What's The Disaster?" you ask. It's queso topped with ground beef, guac and salsa. When I run for president, my one and only platform will be that I firmly believe that if every place that serves queso would finish it off with a scoop of meat, this world would be a better place (with free gas, no taxes and soda machines in elementary schools for all).


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