Tacos y Mas

Lunch special: three tacos, rice, beans and a drink for $6.16

Cashier yelling at her cook in Spanish count: 1

Tables and chairs indoors count: 0


Tacos Y Mas

Tacos Y Mas
5419 Ross Ave.

I was driving down Ross Avenue a few days ago, and the lunch special signage at Tacos Y Mas taco/burger stand at Ross and Greenville avenues called to me. I guess something about the hand-rendered giant hamburgers and tortas hyped me up about the food. (I've decided, based solely on my reaction to this particular method of food advertising, that every restaurant should use drawings of their food.) Walking up to the place, you see that it's got the same red and white checkered paint job as the car wash it's connected to, and for a second, you think, "What a coincidence." And then you think, "Oh."

I ordered the No. 4 Mexican Taco Plate, which includes three corn tacos of your choosing, rice, beans and a soda. I chose from a list of about six different kinds of tacos and decided on one barbacoa, one pollo and one pastor. "Cilantro and onions?" Sign me up.

Tried sitting at the plastic tables and chairs out front on the patio, but that day things were so windy the cilantro was flying off my tacos (to be clear, that's not hyperbole or double entendre). So, I took my plate to the car and ate in there. When a homeless guy asked me to share one of my tacos and I said, "Raaaaaaaaaarrrrrg," I realized that this food was pretty damn good. Up until that point, I'd just been inhaling it and hadn't taken a second to appreciate its fantastic flavor. The barbacoa was a highlight for me. I'd probably load up on those and pass on the pastor. And the plating of the entire meal is worth a mention too. I appreciate the fact that whether you eat there or take your food to go, they always plate the food in a to-go box. It's a place that gives you that good "Pay Me and Get the Hell Out Of the Way So Someone Else Can Pay Me, You Total Poseur" feeling. On the other hand, I think that the dish itself does lose a little something when you separate the rice from the beans with a Styrofoam wall. Beans and rice should live together in harmony.

Y to Mas it was all really good. Next time, I'm trying a burger.


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