Taking Libertines

On a trip to Libertine Bar last night for a friend’s birthday celebration, we discovered some changes to the menu. No more Cuban sandwich, no more Iowa Skinny. New additions include a pulled pork sandwich topped with coleslaw, portabella fries on the side dish list and a smothered pork chop with potato-leek and artichoke hash. Can’t speak to the new stuff just yet as I went with the three-cheese grilled cheese and tomato soup combo, but I can safely say that what my pal calls the “good bacon” is back on the Ardennes salad (translation: big thick hunks o’ serious porkage).

Also a reminder: Libertine’s 5-course $40 beer dinner at 7 p.m. coming up on Tuesday—reservations are definitely required (214-824-7900).—Merritt Martin


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