Taverna's Porcine Parmigiana: A Fancy Name For Porky Deliciousness

Taverna's Porcine Parmigiana: A Fancy Name For Porky Deliciousness

I may have complained about Taverna's dessert plate, but the uninspired closer came after what turned out to be a stellar brunch. Sure, Taverna has the mainstays. You can get eggs Benedict or a dry egg white omelet. You can get a Frittata cooked in their pizza oven and an endless supply of cheap mimosas. You can't get Bloody Mary's -- Taverna serves no liquor -- but still. It's a solid choice for brunch.

Especially the Pork Parmigiana, which is what you should be ordering when you're here for brunch, or whenever it's on the menu. The kitchen pounds out a chop, thin, but not too thin, before applying a very light coat of breading. They leave the cut on the bone for a little extra flavor and a nice presentation. The dish uses sauce and cheese with restraint, resulting in a pork chop that still tastes like pork rather than take-out Italian.

Finished with two fried eggs, over easy, with lots of runny yolk for your potatoes, the dish isn't a typical brunch offering but it should be. Veal and chicken parm just got boring.

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