Ten Food Commercials Featuring...Pandas?

Never Say No to Panda's stares
Never Say No to Panda's stares

Seems everybody loves a big tubby panda. Like, everybody. All over the world. They pop up in commercials for many kinds of cuisine and with all sorts of attitudes. They can be lovable, they can be stoners, they can be full on bullies. But it seems like panda bears are a universal go-to for a commercial good enough to rewind...or at least end up on YouTube.

Here's our take on the top 10 food-related ads starring pandas. Some are weird and some are awesome, but all feature your favorite black-and-white bamboo-eater.

10. Polka Panda Ice Cream: This one is from Pakistan and features not only an interesting take on what a panda should look like, but also acting through facial expression.

9. Kit Kat: Poor guy. All he wanted was a shot of the pandas from his trip to the zoo. Then watch what happens. Seems like exactly the opposite message you'd want to associate with your product: Eat a Kit Kat, miss out on roller-skating pandas.

8. Knorr Beef Tonight: The UK is so cool. You can adopt pandas there and they'll totally eat dinner with you.

7. Hello Panda: Look, it's a little known fact outside of Japan, but pandas love soccer. So, clearly, the message here is "Enjoy sports, enjoy Hello Panda!" Clearly.

6. Cadbury Gems Surprise: Like life lessons, pandas aren't always black and white. Sometimes, when candy is involved, they are vibrant in color and play with life size action figures that fall out of magic toy balls. Like life, pandas are awesome.

5. Snickers: While this commercial is strange and wonderful, it is wrong. We would totally go to lunch with the guy who keeps a centerfold of a pretty, pretty panda. The conversation alone would be worth it. Then later, we might hole up for a Snickers and talk about it.

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