The Establishment, a New Oyster Bar in Uptown, Is (Finally) Open

The Establishment, a New Oyster Bar in Uptown, Is (Finally) Open

I think I mention the length of time it took a restaurant to open in about one of every three stories I write about a new place. It's tough getting the coveted certificate of occupancy from the city, and unexpected delays can pile up like tile dust on the floor.

The Establishment, though, takes opening delays to another level. It was October of 2012 when Brian Williams and Michael Martensen first announced The Establishment in Uptown. At that time, the restaurant was expected to open in December of the same year. Now a year and a half later the oyster bar and restaurant is finally open, but Martensen is no longer part of the team.

Actually The Establishment has been open for nearly a week, according to the Eats Blog. Just as the local Gulf oyster season winds down, the oyster bar is stocked with 10 types of oysters and charcuterie to back up the kitchen's seafood heavy cooking. A picture of the dining room on the Eats Blogs shows lots of weathered wood, subway tile and silver bowled light bulbs.

There will be drinks, of course, but expect a more laid back version of the mixology offered at neighboring Smyth.

4513 Travis St.,

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