The Top 10 Best Looking Dining Rooms in Dallas

Pairing upscale design with fine dining is as natural as having a little sushi with your sake. But there are many ways to describe the handsome restaurants in the city, from ornate and ostentatious to clever and contemporary--and here we've included far more of the latter. (Think more Tom Brady, less Prince William.) That said, City of Ate presents our take on Dallas designs well done, those that enhance the dining experience without getting in its way, those that bring out the concept the restaurateurs are going for, and perhaps in their own way, make the taste of the food, and even its price, go down a little better.

Uptown Dallas' Kens and Barbies flock to this nautical-themed oasis in the middle of landlocked Travis Walk. Organic cuisine, like its Fennel Crusted Sea Scallops and Lasagna Bolognese made with Wagyu beef, is paired with the oceanic atmosphere, dark woods, crisp whites and deep blues. In the summer, the breezy patio is reminiscent of an alfresco afternoon on the Amalfi Coast.


The Top 10 Best Looking Dining Rooms in Dallas

Architects Bentel and Bentel spared no luxury in this multi-textured beauty. A two-story steel framed wine cabinet sits stark against walnut tables, and overhead, a chandelier of filament bulbs burns brightly. The food is served family-style, presented on large platters in the middle of the table, which cuts any bit of stuffiness some may feel upon entering the dining room, situated in the chic W Hotel in Victory Park.

The Top 10 Best Looking Dining Rooms in Dallas

If you have a lofty love of Asian artwork and can appreciate dining outside of downtown, this venue is for you. The panoramic view alone puts it on the list, but add to that the multi-million dollar gallery-worthy collection of vases, statues and paintings. The food is as rich as the scenery, and Chef Anthony Bombaci's minimalist plating techniques are a perfect pairing to the room's clean lines.

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