The Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials Starring Food, 2016 Edition

It's been a couple years since our last food-based ad lists, but don’t you worry, because not much has changed. Budweiser still reigns spend-supreme, Doritos is still telling pretty much the same joke over and over with either kids, dogs or stupid parents; adorable animals still always win; and a few brands will try to make us cry between all the helmet-smacking, spending billions of dollars to buy your eyeballs in 30-second increments.

For me, having spent a decade in the ad world as a copywriter before I started writing about food on the side, the "Big Game" is 50 percent food and 50 percent advertising, in that order. So with that in mind, here are the top 10 #SB50 commercials starring food.

10. Skittles: The Portrait with Steven Tyler
On a weird scale of 1 to Skittles, am I the only one who didn't think this ad was particularly Skittles-weird? Points for bringing Steven Tyler back to the Super Bowl, though.

9. Snickers: Marilyn
Snickers is still making fun of grumpy old men (and women). Like I said, not much has changed. But I like the fact that Snickers brought back some classic feel with their Marilyn Monroe spot. Plus Willem Dafoe sure is grumpy in that dress.

8. McDonald's: Good Morning
It’s like a drunken Goodnight Moon open mic reading, and I like that. Everybody knows drunks and pregnant ladies like McDonald's more than your average American does, and those folks don’t keep regular hours, so it all makes sense. Goodnight, arches whispering “ham.”

7. Amazon Echo #BaldwinBowl Party
It counts as food because SO MANY SNACKS. Did you see that stadium setup Baldwin had going? I also love me some random-as-hell actor cameos. Missy? Duh. Schwartzman? Yeah, I like that. Famous actors just palling around? Yup. “Breaded wings? You’re blowin’ it, bro.” They're just like us!

6. Family of Heinz
Everybody on the Internet freaked out about those little weiners well in advance of the actual game. And who can blame them? I'll be damned if those doxies aren’t the cutest things on four feet that are also wrapped up in a bun. But here’s the thing, Heinz: Ketchup on hotdogs? That’s just plain wrong. There’s just one dude in a mustard suit out there and he’s the real weiner, er, winner. 

5. Budweiser #GiveADamn
Dame Helen Mirren for Budweiser had us nodding our heads when she told those shameful-ass drunks to shape up or ship out. More like DAMN Helen Mirren, am I right? Points for class on one of the drunkest nights of the year, Bud.

4. Shock Top Unfiltered Talk with T.J. Miller
This spot from the terribly named Shock Top (whose parent company is none other than Budweiser) made chuckles happen. And yeah, beer counts as food. Especially fruit-ornamented beer. Best line: “Now, your mother was an orange. Was your father medical marijuana?” 

3. KFC Dream Big Game
I am fully aware that KFC introducing its own Nashville hot chicken means that food trend has officially jumped the Left Shark, but Colonel Gaffigan for KFC? Norm MacDonald trying to steal his McIdentity? It’s all too much fun. Who even cares about the chicken? There’s chicken? I’m sure it’s terrible! That’s not the point!

2. The Bud Light Party
This political-themed spot featuring Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer was lighthearted and funny, punny and had just enough dick jokes. That’s how I like my Super Bowl spots and this one checks all those boxes. And hooray for Bud being about a different kind of partying this year. One without accidental double entendres that will get them into trouble, perhaps?

1. Avocados from Mexico “AVOS in Space”
My favorite fruit also happened to make my favorite ad from this year. Poor Scott Baio. Get that man some chips!

And with that, I’m gonna go make a midnight snack of guacamole-topped Doritos while sipping on an itty bitty Coke. See guys, advertising WORKS!

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