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There is No God: Luscher's Red Hots is Closing

Update: After understandably insane customer demand, Luscher's Red Hots, originally slated to close on Tuesday, will close today, Sunday, when the goods run out — and judging by the crowds flooding this Deep Ellum spot, that could happen at any moment today. Get it while the gettin's good.

We've had our fair share of bad news in the Dallas dining industry of late, but this one really stings: Luscher's Red Hots, purveyors of Chicago-style hot dogs and the best damn burger in DFW, is closing after dinner service on Tuesday, Dec. 13.

“Everyone is invited to come bid Luscher’s adieu with a final Uncle Herky and a beer,” chef/owner Brian Luscher said in a press release. “I am so proud of all we accomplished with Luscher’s. The food and our team are on point and we are truly honored for all of the accolades and attention garnered during our two-year run. We gave it everything we’ve got.”

Luscher will continue "to focus and grow Post Oak Red Hots LLC., which provides the all-natural sausages to area restaurants and retail locations," which means we'll still get a sweet taste of Luscher's in the future, as his sausages have popped up on many menus around town. Luscher will continue to oversee operations at the Grape as well. That doesn't make this news hurt any less.

Just this year, we awarded Luscher's both Best Burger and Best Hot Dog in our annual Best of Dallas awards, and Luscher made headlines after the Dallas shooting when he used Luscher's as a gathering point so local chefs could send meals to Dallas first responders.

This is no small loss, especially for those of us who have treated a trip to Luscher's for an Uncle Herky with the same reverence others have for Sunday mass. Make no mistake, we'll be there this weekend, soaking in all the greasy glory before this place closes for good.

Luscher's Red Hots, 2653 Commerce St.
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