TJ's pop up market a few weekends ago.
TJ's pop up market a few weekends ago.

TJ's Fresh Seafood To Pop-Up in East Dallas This Saturday

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Jon Alexis of TJ's Fresh Seafood Market is pitching his tent in East Dallas this weekend for another impromptu fish market at Urbano Café.

Jimmy's Food Store, Tom Spicer's garden and TJ's will once again all be in easy walking distance of each other. You could pull together a feast fit for kings with that combo.

TJ's will actually be set up in the auxiliary room of Urbano Café, under the red awning. The fish market will last from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The previous pop-up market a few weeks ago did really well.

"It was awesome," said Alexis. "Not only did we have a great turnout, but we introduced some TJ's customers to Spicer, Urbano and Jimmy's. And some of their regulars took home fresh seafood they could never get before."

Alexis said he sold out of fresh halibut, scallops, sushi No. 1 tuna, smoked halibut, king salmon, crab cakes and Idaho trout. He'll have all those same things again this weekend.


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