Top 10 Jinxed Restaurant Locations in Dallas

Sure, they're having a good time in the new digs for now. But so was Craig T. Nelson when he moved into the Poltergeist house.
Sure, they're having a good time in the new digs for now. But so was Craig T. Nelson when he moved into the Poltergeist house.
Sara Kerens

Like the sirens of Greek mythology, certain locations call out to passing restaurateurs, luring them in. Sometimes the space pays off for a year or so--but it's a trap. Sooner rather than later, things start to go wrong.

Why this happens--a jinx, negative waves, bad feng shui, the presence of Cubs fans--no one really knows. But some highly visible, often sought after pieces of real estate tend to chew up restaurants.

There are probably dozens of jinxed locations in the Dallas area. The corner of Preston and Royal has seen its share of names. Expo Park, as well. Nothing grows where Republic once stood...We could go on.

It's possible to rescue a cursed patch of land--maybe. At least two currently popular restaurants occupy jinxed spaces, so we'll see.

For now, however, a set of addresses that give restaurant owners the heebie-jeebies...

10. 1837 W. Frankford (Carrollton)
Did you know Isla Mia, a Latin American restaurant, opened in this space recently? Did you realize I Orchid had closed? Did you even know I Orchid existed? This lonely patch of asphalt at Frankford and Stemmons hasn't drawn much attention since Agave Azul abandoned the spot.

9. 4514 Travis (Knox-Henderson)
It seems like such a strong location. Yet Il Sole never pulled crowds like its downstairs neighbors. The scaled down version of Jean-Whatever was scheduled to fill the space. But they backed out of the deal and suite #102 remains restaurant-free.

8. 3920 Rosemeade (Far North Dallas)
It sits empty for now, awaiting the next victim. Normandie Alliance shut down after about a year in operation. Before that it was Big Johnson's--some kind of play on words--bankrolled by a world series of poker finalist. The last name to make a splash in this location was The Reservior back in the mid 00s.

7. 1001 W. Jefferson (Oak Cliff)
This should be prime Oak Cliff real estate. Ojeda's just moved into the space, which may put an end to the recent comings and goings dating back to Loretta's.

6. 5027 W. Lovers Lane
Maybe Nick Badovinus reversed this spot's losing streak when he planted Neighborhood Services in the narrow building. Buddha Bar/Bali Bar left it with enough bad karma to spoil Rouge.

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