Top 10 Thanksgiving Dinners in Movies (And TV)

When it comes to movie holidays, Thanksgiving usually takes a back seat to that overplayed holiday in December. The one with the elves. The one that rhymes with "isthmus." (Sort of.)

But why the second-class status, Thanksgiving? The holiday's got all the same potential for family chaos, waxing moral on the spirit of the holiday, and elaborate turkey disasters, without any of the reindeer and polar bears. The only animal you're going to see in a Thanksgiving movie is the one that's about to get eaten.

Our own best movie memories from Thanksgiving involve falling asleep on the couch during USA Network's Planet of the Apes marathon, but here are 10 films that get the holiday meal just right.

10. Grumpy Old Men

Top 10 Thanksgiving Dinners in Movies (And TV)

Honestly, we haven't seen this movie in like 15 years, but something about Walter Matthau calling Jack Lemmon a dickhead on a cold Minnesota morning just screams Thanksgiving. There may or may not have been an actual turkey dinner in there, too, though we might be confusing it with the sequel, Grumpier Old Men.

9. Hannah and Her Sisters

Top 10 Thanksgiving Dinners in Movies (And TV)

Many a Woody Allen fan will cite Hannah and Her Sisters among their favorite of his films, what with the incredible cast and the patented Allen romantic dysfunction...layered right on top of an incredible Thanksgiving spread. Pass the anxiety and can we please have a second helping of '80s perm?

8. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Top 10 Thanksgiving Dinners in Movies (And TV)

Yeah, yeah, it's a classic. It's sweet and it's cute even though Lucy is a huge asshole most of the time. Oh, and nobody's parents seem to give a shit that their children are eating a bizarre meal outside on lawnchairs.

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