Top 10 Uses Of Food On Album Covers

As a rule, high-end food photography is supposed to make you hungry. Give the food some soft light, frame it carefully and from just the right distance and it'll look even better on film than it does on your plate.

But then there's the strange alternate reality of album covers, where diesel #2 stands in for coffee, meat is decontextualized, and spaghetti is treated with a nauseating close-up. And that's all short of mentioning the worst thing music ever did to a great food: The Bacon Brothers.

With that in mind, here are our picks for the 10 best uses of food in album art:

Top 10 Uses Of Food On Album Covers

10. Jason & The Scorchers -- Clear Impetuous Morning
"How's about a high-octane refill, sugar?"

Top 10 Uses Of Food On Album Covers

9. Eleven Hundred Springs - Country Jam
It's a painting of jam. Mmm, jam. Delicious jam. Not sure what "country" tastes like, but one would assume bacon is involved.

Top 10 Uses Of Food On Album Covers

8. Sponge - Rotting Pinata
"Sixteen [candy corns] down the drain! Tha draaaaaaaaain!"

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