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Total Wine is Coming to Dallas, and Bringing Its Fine Array of Kegs and Cheap Booze with It

Maryland-based beverage superstore Total Wine is coming to Dallas. The new store, to be located in the shuttered Office Depot location in Park Lane (9350 North Central Expressway), builds on the more than 80 stores the chain has opened in ten states. The recent expansion will add stores to Texas, New Mexico and Washington.

As a veteran of keg parties, I've spent more of my fair share at several of the Virginia locations. They always carried a wide selection of kegs ready to go for the weekends. Having a Cinco De Mayo party? They've got a keg for that. Celebrating Oktoberfest? They'll have a bunch of German brews, too.

Wine is really why I shopped there, though. Total Wine doesn't have the romance of a nice neighborhood wine shop, but it carries lots of wine brands on the cheap. Cheap booze is something we can all drink to, and Edward Cooper, the chain's spokesman, says competitive pricing is where Total Wine will beat other large beverage retailers in Dallas.

"I think we can be very competitive," he says. Cooper claims customer service and selection will be superior, too. The staff endures a multi-week training session and regular tasting events similar to the employees of rivals Sigels and Spec's.

The 20,000-square-foot store is expected to open sometime this summer.

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