Zoli's Cheese Pizza
Zoli's Cheese Pizza

Zoli's, the Cane Rosso Pizza Spin-Off in Oak Cliff, Is Now Open for Lunch

Update/correction/head slap: We screwed this up: Zoli's opened for lunch last week. Still, though: Pizza. Mmm.

Original post: Get your fast running shoes on, kids. Zoli's New York Pizza Tavern at 202 W. Davis St. is finally open for lunch, starting today (update: they actually opened last week for lunch). Now you can have a slice of grandma pie greatness in the noon hour, which will probably induce the most amazing 3 o'clock snoozer ever. Be smart about it and grab a slice (or square in this case) for dinner as well.

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Of course, there are also the classic New York-style pizzas, garlic knots, salads and sandwiches. However, there's specifically not any Neapolitan slices like at Jerrier's other two pizza spots, Cane Rosso.

Here's a little known fact about Zoli's Pizza: They've broken down the magic of a unicorn. Visit Zoli's home page and roll your mouse over the unicorn on the top left of the banner. Then you'll know where sporks and bacon really come from.


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