30th Annual Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade

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We sent photographer Stephen Masker to capture the parade's undiminished beauty in a series of photos.

Published on September 16, 2013

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Why say the pride parade will be more family friendly and not enforce it ?Even in the crowds!Allowing pride goers to wear underwear and pasties is not enforcing anything!


@dallasbarista Just some parenting advice: Keep your home-schooled cult babies at home at Marti Gras and Pride Parade. both are family friendly, most families have been to a beech or swimming pool. So yes, we redefined "Family" and this year we redefined "Family Friendly" for the close-minded. Equal rights means i didn't trip over your children in a mob when parents should have their children on their shoulders, and i  hope they did not get puked on by drunks, but i stand and fight for the rights for gay and straight families to be equal. teach your kids tolerance and they will not grow up to be prudish.

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