Conan O'Brien, Meet Dallas. At McFarlin Auditorium

Conan O'Brien brought his Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television tour to SMU's McFarlin Auditorium Thursday night, May 15th. Other special guests included Jimmie Vaughan, touring for his upcoming album "Pleasure's All Mine," comic Deon Cole and, of course, Andy Richter. Conan after a packed night of old favorites and new self-deprecations, came back for an encore to the tune of "I Will Survive"(the Cake version)--complete with the Masturbating Bear.

A note to everyone: the restrictions on this show were wicked tense. We were only allowed to shoot a eight minute portion. So, our apologies for not seeing more of the show, but...I guess you had to be there? Read the Review on Unfair Park. PHOTOS BY ANDREW SHEPHERD.

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