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  • The Ticket's Charity Disc Golf
    All your favorite Ticket celebs and a bunch of P1s played some serious disc golf for charity. Mike Brooks was there to photograph it.
    70 images
  • Deadly Sins Burlesque @ Wit's End (NSFW)
    The lovely ladies of Deadly Sins Burlesque rode through Deep Ellum again, and Rhombi Survivor was there to see it all.
    60 images
  • The Geeks of QuakeCon 2014
    Aside from introducing the new DOOM, QuakeCon had a huge amount of other things going on. Ed Steele is your guide through the geekery.
    75 images
  • The Best Dallas Photos of 2014 So Far
    From Conan to Renaissance Faires to puppies to bull runs to block parties, there sure is a lot to do in Dallas. We'd like to thank Ed Steele, Mike Brooks, Roderick Pullum, Jennifer Brandon Elliott, Danny Hurley, Rhombi Survivor, Mike Mezeul, Rachel Parker, Amanda Braswell and Catherine Downes...
    68 images
  • Nightlife: Welcome To The Jungle at Winston's
    Winston's monthly Welcome to the Jungle party featured Dorrough and Play N Skillz. Roderick Pullum was our man on the scene.
    58 images
  • Pool Party at W Hotel
    W Hotel's wet deck hosts a hell of a pool party, as Roderick Pullum can attest.
    44 images
  • World Cup Watching Party at Main St. Gardens
    While the USMNT may not have made it, there was still a turn out to watch the final game between Germany and Argentina. RHOMBI SURVIVOR was there too.
    50 images
  • Polyphonic Spree Invigorates Club Dada
    If you weren't at the Polpyhonic Spree hometown show outside under the supermoon, where were you exactly? Mike Brooks wants to know.
    54 images
  • KISS at Gexa Energy Pavilion
    KISS strode through Dallas last night, crushing all in their path. Rachel Parker was there to capture the fans and the band.
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