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  • The Quake! Burlesque at Three Links (NSFW)
    The weekend started off early at Three Links on Thursday, as The Quake! burlesque show rolled into Deep Ellum. Photographer RHOMBI SURVIVOR was our man on the scene.
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  • Sarah Jaffe at Dan's Silverleaf
    Hometown hero Sarah Jaffe played an intimate show at Denton's church of rock at the weekend, and photographer Jennifer Brandon Elliot was there on our behalf.
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  • DFW Auto Show
    The fanciest cars in all of the world descended on Dallas at the weekend, in the form of the DFW Auto Show. Photographer RHOMBI SURVIVOR picked his way between the multi-million dollar machines for us.
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  • Sex, Art, & Booze at Capital L Arts (NSFW)
    Photographer RHOMBI SURVIVOR dropped in on the Sex, Art, and Booze show at Capital L Arts during his busy weekend.
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  • Angel Olsen at Three Links
    The delightful Angel Olsen graced Three Links last night, and Mike Brooks was our man on the scene.
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  • Nightlife: Zouk Glow Live Fest
    Mad Decent, Matrimoney Clothing, Cosign Magazine, Trend Headquarters came together to produce Glow Live Fest 2014 Saturday night at Zouk. THe event featured The Hi Yahs, Juyen Sebulba, DJ Faime, Colton Carlyle and DJ Pass The 40. Photographer Roderick Pullum was our man.
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  • Dish: A Look at Local Oak
    For this week's Dish review, Dallas Observer food critic Scott Reitz ventures into Oak Cliff to check out Local Oak. Here are some delicious outtakes from photographer Catherine Downes.
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  • Nightlife: The Pin Show
    Winner of our best independent fashion show award for 2012 and 2013, the Pin Show is a yearly highlight in the Dallas calendar. Photographer Rhombi Survivor was on hand to capture 2014's efforts.
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  • Nightlife: Leagues @ The Loft
    Red Bull's latest foray into Dallas shows saw Leagues play the Loft. Rhombi Survivor was our man on the scene.
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  • The Retro Costumes of Jared's Epic Party
    Vanilla Ice, the Ninja Turtles, Tone-Loc... it was like the '90s had never died over at South Side Ballroom on Saturday night, with a crowd-funded party taking everyone back twenty years. Photographer Ed Steele was too busy watching Star Trek in the '90s, but he went to the party for us anyway....
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  • Crazy Times with RiFF RaFF at Cowboys Arlington
    We're not sure what RiFF RaFF, Dorrough, and Mike Jones were doing at Cowboys in Arlington, but they seemed happy enough, as did the ginormous crowd. Photographer Mike Brooks, who deserves at least three medals, braved the youths and the rap.
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  • Basement Brawl Gaming Tournament
    Gallery The Basement (115 S. Beckley Avenue) holds regular video game tournaments, along with live music and dancing. RHOMBI SURVIVOR was our eyes and ears.
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