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  • Goo Goo Dolls, Switchfoot at Superpages
    It was nineties night at the center on August 21, with artists Goo Goo Dolls, Switchfoot, and Fort Worth's Green River Ordinance. All photos by Rachel Parker.
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  • The Smokin' Burgers at Square Burger
    This week's Dish review by Hanna Raskin covers Square Burger in Mckinney: Big D Knows Great Burgers. Now, So Does McKinney. What we ate: Square Burger Spicy crunchy wings $9 Barbecue ribs $12 ;French fries $4.50 ;Spicy onion strings $4.50; Sweet potato fries; $4.50 Green salad $3.50 ;Caesar...
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  • Blondes vs. Brunettes Powder-Puff Football Game and After-Party
    On Saturday, August 14th, the gridiron match up between the Blondes(and Reds) vs. Brunettes took place at Highlander Stadium in Highland Park. The Blondes defeated the Brunettes 41-13, making their third win in a row a bittersweet "Three-peat". The celebration continued at Stan's Blue Note...
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  • A Walk Through the Europa Bodybuilding Expo
    The 17th annual Europa Super Show Expo took over the Dallas Convention Center August 13-14, with bodybuilding, martial arts and arm-wrestling competitions, plus all the fashion, food and food substitutes demanded by the life of the truly huge. You can read more about the show on Unfair Park....
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  • Kickin' It At Kixpo 2010
    On Sunday, the Kixpo 2010 sneaker and streetwear expo hosted thousands of enthusiasts in the sweaty halls of Lofty Spaces in south Dallas. The event showcased local clothing designers work, provided tons of free merch as well as free taco bell(what?!?), and enough sneakers to satisfy a single,...
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  • Friday the 13th Tattoos at Elm Street Tattoo
    Over 700 tattoos were done by Elm Street Tattoo (Oliver Peck's favorite spot) in Deep Ellum this Friday, August 13th. Elm Street gave discounted prices ($13 per Tattoo) on wicked tattoos the entire day, and drew a line around the block (no pun intended). All photos by Mattie Stafford.
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  • Night Moves: Robotnick and Dubstep
    The Lek Brothers began this weekend with DJ Noah D at the Green Elephant spinning Dubstep, alongside Dallas' Dub Assembly crew. Saturday, they ventured to South Dallas' Brooklyn Jazz Cafe for Alexander Robotnik (read the full review on DC9 at Night). All Photos by the Lek Brothers
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  • The Best, Most Wicked Fans of Mayhem Festival
    There was a Silver Star Stage, and a Jaegermeister stage at the Superpages Friday, August 13 for the 2010 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival which included bands like 3 Inches of Blood and Hatebreed. On the main stage was Korn, Rob Zombie, Lamb of God, and Five Finger Death Punch. All...
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  • The Epic Gamers of QuakeCon 2010, pt. 2
    After the hookahs, Cheetos and tournament gamers united for a variety of events at QuakeCon, including Bawls Chugging Contest (gamers had to drink a can of bawls as fast as possible) at the tournament hall at the Hilton Anatole. Read more on Unfair Park. All photos by Evan Clinton.
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  • The Epic Gamers of QuakeCon 2010
    After John Cormack teased Rage during his QuakeCon keynote, the gamers took their hookahs, Cheetos and tournament at the tournament hall at the Hilton Anatole. Read more on Unfair Park. All photos by Evan Clinton.
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  • Back 2 Basics at Wish Ultralounge
    Industry Night, "Back 2 Basics," found Wish Ultralounge packed Tuesday, August 10. DJ Joe Vega and DJ Rev were on hand to spin for General Manager Phil Schanbaum's birthday party at Wish Ultralounge. All photos by Roderick Pullum.
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  • Cyndi Lauper, Still Having Fun, at the House of Blues
    Cyndi Lauper revealed her blues recently on DC9 at night, but is still ready for the fun stuff. She played House of Blues, Wednesday August 11. All photos by Evan Clinton.
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