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  • The Day Nick Offerman Came to Dallas for Meat Fight
    Parks and Rec star Nick Offerman came to Dallas on Sunday, November 17 to judge Meat Fight, a barbecue competition and charity event benefitting the National MS Society. Offerman ate meat, signed posters, auctioned off a table top from his woodworking studio and judged a beard contest . And his...
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  • Big Gig: The Fans of Pink at the AAC
    Pink brought her crazy live show through Dallas over the weekend, and we took some time to get together with her many, many fans and shoot some photos. Maegan Puetz was on hand to capture these great shots.
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  • Meat Fight 2013
    They came. They fought. They ate meat. The competitors, judges, and organizers of Meat Fight 2013 managed to raise over $50,000 for the MS Society, and they had a hell of a time doing it. Also, Nick Offerman. Catherine Downes captured the mayhem.
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  • ArtCon 2013
    Art Con 9 hit a cultural tipping point this year, attracting thousands of Dallas residents to a warehouse on Singleton Boulevard. DJs Sarah Jaffe and emptycylinder kept the collective heart rate up between auctions rounds while headliners Zhora and New Fumes circulated their own energies...
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  • Live and Let Strip (NSFW)
    Secret Agent Ed Steele infiltrated a special James Bond-themed burlesque show from the ladies of La Divina Productions. What he brought back is for your eyes only.
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  • The People Of Oaktopia
    What's better than a Denton crowd? Ain't nothing better than a Denton crowd. What's better than an Ed Steele shooting the people of Oaktopia, Denton's newest music festival, slideshow? Ain't nothing.
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  • Nightlife: Maxim Masquerade at NYLO
    Maxim and Dos Equis commandeered the facilities at the NYLO Hotel in Dallas Saturday night for the "Most Interesting Masquerade". This was the scene, as seen by photographer Roderick Pullum.
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  • Fun Fun Fun Fest 3: Costumes, Wrestling, Stagediving
    The final day of Fun Fun Fun Fest saw perhaps even more whimsy than before, as people everywhere got dressed up, Killer Mike tried to play a gig on a skate ramp, and tacos stage-dived. Mike Brooks was on hand, as always.
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  • The Mutts of Mutt's Cantina
    Mutt's Canine Cantina (click for more info) is Dallas' foremost host of man's best friends while their owners enjoy a beer or four. We sent photographer Zara Walsh out to give you a guided tour to the mutts and food of Mutt's Cantina.
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  • Dude, Sweet Chocolate at Craft & Growler
    Two of Dallas' finest luxury establishments came together last week for a chocolate and beer pairing straight out of the top drawer. The pairings were (1) Peticolas Velvet Hammer / Hanoi fudge, (2) Revolver Blood and Honey / Fungus Amongus toffee, (3) Armadillo Quaker Stout / PDA Salami and a...
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  • Day 2 of Fun Fun Fun Fest
    Day 2 saw MIA, Tenacious D, Bodycount, Sparks, and dozens of others take to the four stages of Fun Fun Fun Fest. Photographer Mike Brooks, who has more energy than anyone else at the festival, was on hand all day long.
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  • Fans and Bands @ Day 1 of Fun Fun Fun Fest
    How many funs can one festival have? Three. The answer is three funs. Photographer Mike Brooks is down in Austin, along with music editor Kiernan Maletsky and web editor Gavin Cleaver, and you can expect to see their dispatches all weekend. Here are the top photos from the first day, including...
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