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  • Freaks & Fetish Party at The Lizard Lounge (NSFW)
    The Lizard Lounge hosted the Freaks & Fetish party (which is very, very NSFW) and the specialized performances of the following: Havve Fjell of Norway's Pain Solution, Snake Oil Sideshow, the "vertical acrobatics" of Pantera Blacksmith (crazy-ass poledancer) and Austin's Lizardman as...
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  • Steel Panther at House of Blues (with guest Tony Romo)
    If Tony Romo's recent ""This Kiss"" performance didn't sell you, than his guest star / cover with Steel Panther (with The Better Death opening) might have this past Friday at the House of Blues. The crowd was packed, but was it for the Panther or the chance to see Tony Romo eat it on-stage as...
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  • Erykah Badu Not Naked at Good Records
    Right after being slapped with a citation from the Dallas Police Department , Erykah Badu showed up at Good Records Saturday (with police, photographers and all in attendance) to sign her record New Amerykah, Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh. Photos by Mattie Stafford.
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  • Ruby Revue: Burlesque Done Old School (NSFW)
    Dallas has a unique history of the burlesque. "Carousel Club", yes the same one Jack Ruby owned in 1963, Tammie True opened the Ruby Revue Burlesque Show in the Cambridge Room at the House of Blues, April 1st. Among the featured dancers was "Gem of the Month", Eva Strangelove--who melted the...
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  • Best of Dallas Observed. Spring in the City
    The latest set of the best contributions to our Dallas Observed Flickr group include some familiar downtown scenes and some up-close portraits. If you catch a great Dallas moment worth sharing, submit it to the Flickr group and you may find it featured here in our weekly slideshow.
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  • The BS Art Fusion: Raging Punk and Collaborative Art
    This month’s BS Art Fusion Show went down at Rubber Gloves in Denton on Wednesday to the splatter of a dozen paintbrushes (and free tacos by Fuzzy's). Spectators watched and drank and ate as two groups of artists went head-to-head on adjacent canvases, their art ranged from colorful,...
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  • Savor Mexico
    Read about the gastronomical affair and competition by Steven Doyle in our review on City of Ate (here), but in the mean time, check out the near nirvana-like photos of Mexican cuisine from this week's Savor Mexico. By Sara Kerens.
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  • Dish Extra: Steak Porn at Ocean Prime
    The steak maybe pornographic looking at Ocean Prime, but does it taste good? Read more of Elaine Liner's review of Ocean Prime in Dallas here. Photos by Sara Kerens.
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  • Best of March 2010, in Photos
    This was the month of live music. And dressing up like lego-man. And St. Patrick's Day. Ok, so a lot of stuff happened, some of it exciting, some tragic. We compiled a 'best of' slideshow to try to capture it all.
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  • A Graffiti Gallery Under the Commerce Street Bridge
    As City Hall makes a renewed effort to fight graffiti around Dallas, we take a look at the impressive array of graffiti under the Commerce Street bridge. You can read more on Unfair Park. Photos by Patrick Michels.
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  • The Nike Soccer+ Experience and Wicked Cool Shoes
    This past Sunday at 12 p.m., Nike Soccer+ provided a kick-balls training session from the world's best players at Pizza Hut Park. Also to show off a new soccer shoe with the best name ever: MERCURIAL VAPOR SUPERFLY II. Photos by Caity Colvard.
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  • Street Jam for Real in Dallas
    The nineties were alive on Lear and Corinth this Saturday, with a street party designed to showcase hip hop/skate/punk culture. Also, a little DJ Mutemor and DJ Priesttd thrown into the mix. The Lek brothers were there to capture the street party.
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