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  • SXSW: Friday in Pictures
    Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Javelin. The music. Oh my. Photos by Spike Johnson, Nick Rallo.
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  • SXSW Thursday: Taking It to the Streets
    There is a lot going on in Austin. There's a music festival-thing? Have you heard? Well, this slide show focuses on the stuff going on down in the streets. The people. The craziness. Also bands like Warpaint. Photos by Spike Johnson and Nick Rallo.
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  • Not Your Grandma's St. Patrick's Day
    M Street Bar hosted a real wild one on Lower Greenville in the name of everything that's green. Roderick Pullum captured St. Patrick's day. Where were you?
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  • Abe Vigoda (the band) / Vivian Girls at the Lounge
    Caity Colvard caught Abe Vigoda (not the wrinkled co-star of The Godfather) at the Lounge partying with the Vivian Girls.
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  • Dish Extra: Artin's Grill
    A new Plano is coming. A Plano with water fountains, and excellent restaurants. We went knee-deep into gourmet city for a look at the art of Artin's: here's what we found. Photos by Sara Kerens.
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  • Surferblood and Turbo Fruits at the Granada
    While some of us at the Observer were shivering at the in fear of another concert after the titanic weekend of NX35, some fine folk were attending Surfer Blood at the Granada Theater. Mattie Stafford was one of those folks; check out her photos.
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  • Texas Stadium Pre-Implosion Tour
    With just a few weeks to go before Texas Stadium's implosion scheduled for April 11, we took a tour of the old landmark to see how it's holding up in its final days. Read more on Unfair Park. Photos by Patrick Michels.
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  • NX35: Weekend Edition
    Danny Fulgencio wraps up our NX35-a-thon with photos of The Flaming Lips, Midlake, Neon Indian, The Black Angels, Slobberbone...whew [brain detonation] And SXSW is next.
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  • Night Moves: Hot Flash! and Sick Sauce
    Underground is the kind of party you experience at the Fallout Lounge, and this weekend's monthly gathering of DJ Genova, Schwa & Killtron, captured by our very own Lek Brothers, was so very beneath ground. Also, the Leks' caught Sick Sauce: Matias Pecile, Floorplay & Matt Thompson spinning a...
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  • NX35: T.G.I.W.F.
    Thank God It Was Friday. We're not sure if there was any R.E.M. sleep this weekend, but no matter--we saw every local band ever at NX35 in Denton this weekend. Whiskey Folk Ramblers. Sleep Whale. Ola Podrida. Wow. Check out the rest of our coverage: here.
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  • NX35: Sunday Night
    Hey, ever heard of Neon Indian? We embedded ourselves deep into dance territory for this picture show. We also caught some other bands, you know, like Ishi, Florene, Giggle Party and The Walkmen. Patrick Michels was deep in dangerously hipster territory, so you must enjoy the rest of the slideshow.
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  • NX35: Flaming Saturday Night
    Just a casual weekend. Midlake, The Flaming Lips, Stardeath & White Dwarfs all played in Denton. No big deal. Check out the rest of our coverage: here. Photos by Mattie Stafford.
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