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  • Night Moves: Hot Flash! and Sick Sauce
    Underground is the kind of party you experience at the Fallout Lounge, and this weekend's monthly gathering of DJ Genova, Schwa & Killtron, captured by our very own Lek Brothers, was so very beneath ground. Also, the Leks' caught Sick Sauce: Matias Pecile, Floorplay & Matt Thompson spinning a...
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  • NX35: T.G.I.W.F.
    Thank God It Was Friday. We're not sure if there was any R.E.M. sleep this weekend, but no matter--we saw every local band ever at NX35 in Denton this weekend. Whiskey Folk Ramblers. Sleep Whale. Ola Podrida. Wow. Check out the rest of our coverage: here.
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  • NX35: Sunday Night
    Hey, ever heard of Neon Indian? We embedded ourselves deep into dance territory for this picture show. We also caught some other bands, you know, like Ishi, Florene, Giggle Party and The Walkmen. Patrick Michels was deep in dangerously hipster territory, so you must enjoy the rest of the slideshow.
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  • NX35: Flaming Saturday Night
    Just a casual weekend. Midlake, The Flaming Lips, Stardeath & White Dwarfs all played in Denton. No big deal. Check out the rest of our coverage: here. Photos by Mattie Stafford.
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  • Lego-Man vs. Spider-Man: All-Con Dallas
    The three-day convention of everything Science Fiction, Fantasy, or nerdy was on this weekend at the Crowne Plaza in Addison. They had everything from a 24-hour anime song tournament, to some sort of Rocky Horror burlesque. Photographer Danny Hurley caught some of the costumes in nice portrait...
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  • Manny Pacquiao's Post-Fight Concert at the Ballpark in Arlington
    Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao celebrated his Saturday night defeat of Joshua Clottey with a post-fight concert next door at the Ballpark in Arlington's Diamond Club. Taking the stage around 2 a.m., Pacquiao revved up the crowd with "La Bamba," George Benson's "Nothing's Gonna Change...
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  • What's That Under Your Kilt? St. Patrick's Day.
    You guessed it: there's shots of kilts and tighty-whiteys. Well, maybe you didn't guess the tighty-whiteys. But I assure you, we had fun at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. And the after party. Did you? Photos by Gloria Levario.
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  • Takin' it to the Streets: Oak Cliff Art Crawl
    Four DISD elementary schools sprawled themselves under the empty Kavala Grill this Saturday to paint 24" x 24" black wood panels. The kids' panels will be tiled together into a huge, vivid mural and put up behind ABC Party on Davis street in Oak Cliff. Photos by Nick Rallo.
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  • Behind the Scenes in the Giants of Savanna Exhibit
    Things have been busy behind the scenes at the Dallas Zoo. Construction has been underway for months in preparation for a vast 11 acre attraction, not to mention the 32 million dollars raised from city money and the sale of public bonds to support the project.
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  • NX35: Massive Thursday Night
    Yes, here comes the best festival pre-SXSW: Denton's own NX35. Patrick Michels, Spike Johnson and Danny Fulgencio shot some massively great bands including Seryn, Jacob Metcalf, and RTB2. Check it out, peeps.
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  • Burgers Across Texas
    Last week, we featured photos of epic burgers across the States (Burgers Across America)--from peanut butter topped weirdos in Minneapolis to Florida's fried burgers. This week features the joint special with the Houston Press and the Dallas Observer: the big burgers of the greater Houston and...
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  • So You Think You Can Dance? Seriously, Can You?
    Photographer Spike Johnson caught the rigorous leg stretchings of would-be dance stars at the So You Think You Can Dance (!) Auditions at SMU yesterday. Here's the photos to prove some people, will, and shall, dance.
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