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  • Burgers Across Texas
    Last week, we featured photos of epic burgers across the States (Burgers Across America)--from peanut butter topped weirdos in Minneapolis to Florida's fried burgers. This week features the joint special with the Houston Press and the Dallas Observer: the big burgers of the greater Houston and...
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  • So You Think You Can Dance? Seriously, Can You?
    Photographer Spike Johnson caught the rigorous leg stretchings of would-be dance stars at the So You Think You Can Dance (!) Auditions at SMU yesterday. Here's the photos to prove some people, will, and shall, dance.
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  • Dish Extra: Tramontana
    Tramontana is not your mother's bistro. It's your grandmother's. That said, check out this slideshow of a souffle being whipped and served. We guarantee you'll want to crack the top of the computer with a spoon. Photos by Sara Kerens.
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  • John Mayer Live at the AAC
    Photos from John Mayer's run-through-the-halls of American Airlines Center--by Caity Colvard.
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  • Gourmet Foodstock 2010: Savor Dallas
    Where did all the foodies in Dallas go this weekend? Savor Dallas, the two-day, upscale dining and wine event that blew the coattails off any attendee who considered Red Truck their best wine experience. Check out the slideshow below with photos by Sara Kerens.
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  • Night Moves: DJ Craze is a Scratch Nerd
    A little background: Craze is the only solo DJ in history to claim the World DMC Champion trophy 3 times consecutively. How cool is that? Well, he was at the Lizard Lounge this past Saturday, and it couldn't have been more raucous. Check out the photos by the Lek Brothers.
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  • Bikinis and Fire: Burlesque-A-Billy at Trees (NSFW)
    Broads & Panties presented a torching burlesque show at Trees this weekend in Dallas, and we captured the...heat. Photos by the Lek Brothers.
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  • Brandi Carlile at the House of Blues
    Sunday night at the House of Blues in Dallas, Brandi Carlile played Sounds of Silence among the new tracks from her brilliant album Give Up the Ghost. Check out photos from Brandi's show by Mattie Stafford.
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  • The Most Family-Friendly Irish Festival Ever
    The fake orange beards were out and chest long on Saturday for North Texas' very own Irish Festival. Sounds like a good time, right? Well it was. It was also so family friendly there might as well have been a mouse with two big ears and a nasal accent. Photos by Danny Hurley.
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  • Best of Dallas Observed. No More Snow?
    The latest set of the best contributions to our Dallas Observed Flickr group include some familiar downtown scenes and some up-close portraits. If you catch a great Dallas moment worth sharing, submit it to the Flickr group and you may find it featured here in our weekly slideshow.
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  • Dish Extra: A Steak for All Seasons
    Are you feeling warm and meaty yet? You will after seeing these photo extras from Bailey's Prime Plus by Sara Kerens It's from this week's DISH article, and there's leftovers.
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  • Fire Claims Terilli's and Three Other Lower Greenville Bars
    A four-alarm fire along a popular stretch of Lower Greenville Avenue claimed Terilli's, Hurricane Grill, Mick's and the Greenville Bar & Grill early Tuesday morning, March 2. You can read more about the blaze on Unfair Park.
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