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  • One Year of Community Beer
    Community Beer had a delightful one-year anniversary celebration on Saturday, during which they brought out some very rare beers alongside the staples. Your slightly hungover web editor advises that you their Ascension Coffee Porter is miraculous.Dianna Storrusten was the photographer on hand...
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  • In Photos: Our Masterminds
    Meet the Masterminds we're celebrating this Saturday at Artopia. Each winner receives a cool $1,000, and the chance to have their art exhibited to all our guests, of which you could still be one!
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  • Burgerpalooza - The Burgers of Dallas
    Does anything scream "freedom" like the humble (and sometimes not so humble) burger and fries? Of course not. We compiled a slideshow of Dallas' best and weirdest, because AMERICA.
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  • Nightlife: Avenu Customer Appreciation Night
    The lovely Avenu celebrated the customers that make it so cool over the weekend, and our Nightlife photographer Roderick Pullum was on the scene to capture the evening for us.
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  • The Dallas Reddit Prom
    With over 100 million visitors a month, Reddit is one of the most-visited websites in the world as well as being everything from a traffic-driver to a place where the President can drop in for a quick online Q&A. Reddit has its own Dallas chapter of almost 15,000 strong, and they invaded Deep...
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  • Dallas' No Pants Subway Sunday
    It's a Sunday in January, so that must mean it's time for the people of Dallas to not wear pants on public transport, as part of a nationwide day of refusing to conform to usual leg-covering conventions. Photographer Ed Steele tells us he kept his pants on, but we have no photographic evidence...
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  • The Dallas Observer Hip Hop Showcase
    Friday January 10 saw the very best in NTX hip hop come together for one night only, in a very large wrestling ring, at the Granada Theater. Along with -topic, Sam Lao, Blue, The Misfit and headliners A.Dd+ was our photographer Mike Brooks.
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  • Opening Night at The Vagabond
    Photographer Mike Brooks was our man on the scene to catch all of the opening night at new Greenville venue The Vagabond (3619 Greenville Avenue), with such stellar country acts as Joe Ely, Terry Allen and Butch Hancock. Read all about opening night here.
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  • Polar Plunge at the FOE Pool
    Sunday saw dozens of brave fools jump right into a pool of unheated water in East Dallas. There must be easier ways to raise money for charity, guys. RIGHT? GUYS?Photographer Danny Hurley was on the scene, and sensibly stayed dry.
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