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  • Nightmare Fuel from Texas Frightmare Weekend
    It's Monday morning and you're trying to work. We're sorry. We understand. We just had to show you these pictures. You should probably look at them at night. Texas Frightmare Weekend had costumes that make your average Halloween party look like a Brony convention. Ed Steele will need therapy.
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  • 50 People We'd Like To Party With - April
    April was a good month. Free concerts, many sports, parties all over the place... good times were had by all. Here are our picks for our favorite people photos of the month.
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  • Nightlife: Remi Ayodele's Birthday at Monroe
    Former NFL Defensive Lineman and owner of Monroe, Remi Ayodele, capped off his birthday weekend with a live performance from host Fabolous. Roderick Pullum was our man in the midst of the party.
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  • Warpaint @ Trees
    Warpaint stormed Trees, and Jennifer Brandon Elliott was there to show us why.
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  • Nightlife: Freaks & Fetish (NSFW)
    Allen Falkner's Freaks & Fetish 2014 featured a Squidling Brothers Circus Side Show, burlesque performer Roxi D'Lite and aerial pole performer Claudia Renee. Roderick Pullum was there.
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  • Denton Arts & Jazz Festival
    Ed Steele, our Denton correspondent, brings us photos from all three days of the huge Arts & Jazz Fest that takes place across Denton every year.
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  • Oak Cliff's Better Block Party
    In support of a shared use community space, Oak Cliff residents came out in force over the weekend to have a good old fashioned party. RHOMBI SURVIVOR was there too.
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  • The Fans of Charles Bradley @ Trees
    The very lovely Charles Bradley was out at Trees last night, for the launch of a new entertainment website. Mike Brooks was there too.
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  • The Fans of EdgeFest
    EdgeFest saw performances from the likes of Beck and Bastille, but more importantly it saw a whole bunch of you guys out and about. RHOMBI SURVIVOR chronicled the day.
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  • Twilight Tunes in Denton
    What's better than a concert in Denton? How about concerts outside on Denton Square in the beautiful weather? Ed Steele was our man with the finger on Denton's pulse.
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  • A Day Out At Scarborough Renaissance Faire
    What's 45 minutes from Dallas, but also 300 years and 5,000 miles away? The Renaissance Faire, of course. RHOMBI SURVIVOR spent a day among the kings and queens, and he sent us back these.
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  • Learning the Ropes at Bondage Expo Dallas
    For this week's art feature, culture editor Lauren Smart ventures into the DallasKink studio and explores the Dallas bondage scene. Photographer Catherine Downes captured the scene.
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