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  • Matt Tolentino's 1920s House
    A glimpse into the roaring 20s comes courtesy of local jazz musician Matt Tolentino, via the lens of talented photographer Catherine Downes.
    14 images
  • The Lovely Ladies of SXSW 2014
    Whether waiting in line, walking to venues, or checking out the music, these ladies made SXSW look real good. PHOTOS BY MARCO TORRES.
    24 images
  • The Fans of Spillover
    SXSW ending can only mean one thing - time for one of Dallas' finest one-day festivals, Parade of Flesh's yearly Spillover. Here are some of the music lovers that descended on Deep Ellum for the day, to catch the best of SXSW on their way back through Dallas. Mike Brooks was our man on the scene.
    30 images
  • The People of Dallas' Massive St. Patrick's Parade
    Danny Hurley put himself among the 100,000+ people streaming down Greenville Avenue for the chaos of our St. Patrick's Day Parade. Here are his favorites.
    120 images
  • The Cosplay of Dallas All-Con
    Ed Steele went to All-Con, where everyone was in costume and there were four days of every possible mildly geeky event imaginable. He brought us back these amazing costumes.
    40 images
  • The Amazing Fans of Our St. Paddy's Day Show
    You flocked in your thousands to see Ludacris headline our St. Patrick's Day show on Greenville. And we're glad you did, for two reasons. One, we love you guys, and two, we wouldn't have all these awesome photos otherwise. Mike Mezeul was the guy moving among you with his camera.
    63 images
  • Miley Cyrus and Her Crotch Hit Dallas
    Yes, last night the Bangerz invaded. The American Airlines Center will never be the same. Mike Mezeul is one of them now. He came back clutching these photos. See also: Miley Cyrus Played Dallas Last Night, Really Needs to Calm Down About Her Vagina
    45 images
  • Nightlife: Blend Spring Break (NSFW)
    It's spring break time, which means the partiers are partying even harder than usual. RHOMBI SURVIVOR got in among them all. Apparently there's a rouge nipple in here somewhere. See if you can find it.
    32 images
  • Gary Numan at Granada Theater
    King of electro Gary Numan rocked the Granada Theater last night, and photographer Mike Mezeul was on hand to show us all what happened.
    24 images
  • Nightlife: Party at Concrete Cowboy
    Concrete Cowboy hosted a mega party at the weekend, and Roderick Pullum went on our behalf.
    36 images
  • Nightlife: Henderson Tap House Grand Opening
    Henderson Tap House held a huge party to celebrate its grand opening, and our man Roderick Pullum was there to celebrate with them.
    63 images
    What is BUMCORE, you ask? Well, it's an art show. An art show where you can buy the work of all the latest and coolest artists from around Dallas. Check out our shots of the people of BUMCORE, and their art. RHOMBI SURVIVOR was on the scene for us.
    30 images
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