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  • The Fans and Drivers of NASCAR
    The Duck Commander 500 hit Texas Motor Speedway, and with it came all the trappings and craziness of NASCAR. Rachel Parker was our lady on the scene.
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  • A Night With the Dallas Stars
    The Stars' season is building towards a playoff-chasing crescendo, so we thought we'd spend the night with them as they took on the Nashville Predators, powering their way to an eventual shoot-out victory. Mike Mezeul was there, biting his fingernails and taking photos.
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  • Dallas' Great Bull Run For Crazy People
    On April 5th, the Texas Motorplex played host to a bull run and a giant tomato fight, because of course it did. Why wouldn't it? Mike Brooks, the bravest little photographer there ever was, put himself in harm's way for the sake of photographs.
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  • The Cool Kids of White Denim
    White Denim played the Granada on Friday night, and only cool people were allowed to attend. That seems like a bad policy, but it's definitely working for the Granada. RHOMBI SURVIVOR was the only one of us cool enough to be allowed in.
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  • Hops 'n' Hoops
    The exclusive Hops 'n' Hoops party, catered with some of Dallas' yummiest food, took place on top of the Morning News building while Bruce was playing his show. RHOMBI SURVIVOR snuck inside.
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  • The Drinkers of Big Texas Beer Fest
    The biggest local beer festival of them all, the Big Texas Beer Fest, hit Fair Park over the weekend, and we were there to drink alongside all the other hardy souls that braved the not-ideal conditions. RHOMBI SURVIVOR was our man.
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  • Conan Fan Experience Hits Dallas
    Couldn't get a ticket for the show? Well, the Conan Fan Experience, a ginger homage to our favorite redhead, had your back. Roderick Pullum was our man on the scene.
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  • Bruce Springsteen's Free Outdoor Show
    Sure, the weather wasn't ideal, but how often do you get to go to a free Bruce Springsteen show? One of those took place in the heart of Dallas on Sunday night, as part of the Final Four celebrations, and Mike Brooks was there for us.
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  • The People (and Dogs) of Deep Ellum Arts Fest
    The yearly Deep Ellum Arts Festival is one of the highlights of the local calendar, and with four stages of music and three streets of art it promised to be bigger and better than ever this year. Ed Steele went on our behalf, and he didn't even buy one necklace made from reclaimed scrap.
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  • The Fans of Texas Rangers Opening Day
    LET'S GO RANGERS! Ahem. Where were we? Ah, it was Opening Day yesterday, and the tailgating scene was on fire. People had been tailgating for hours. We sent Maegan Puetz to capture the best scenes inside and outside the ballpark.
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  • 75 Dallas People We'd Like To Party With - March
    March had St. Patrick's, Mardi Gras, countless music festivals, drinking, partying... we've just noticed March is a party month. Here are our favorite pictures from the many hundreds we published, featuring Dallas' biggest party animals.
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  • Dish: A Look at CrushCraft
    For this week's Dish review, Dallas Observer food critic Scott Reitz visits Uptown's newest Thai restaurant, CrushCraft. Here are some delicious outtakes from photographer Catherine Downes.
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