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  • Top 20 Claustrophobia Movies
    In the new film Detour, Jackson Alder (Neil Hopkins) finds himself trapped by a mudslide inside his car, alone. It takes intense mental control, as well as purposeful distraction, to escape that kind of claustrophobic, panic-inducing situation (View it in iTunes.) So should you ever be in such...
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  • 20 Awesome Photos from March 2013 (NSFW)
    Our picks for the photos of March 2013 at the Dallas Observer.
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  • Inside the Traveling Game of Thrones Exhibit
    Before Season 3 premieres on HBO this Sunday, fans of the TV adaptation of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones series could get close-up with famous props from the show -- including the head of Ned Stark on a pike. Held at 3 West 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan (through April 3), the...
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  • The Eight Best Pizza Spots in Dallas
    Dallas' best pizza spots, as picked by our Food Critic Scott Reitz. SEE ALSO: The nine best Tex-Mex Restaurants in Dallas
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  • Night Moves: A Little After Hours at Eden
    Photographer Roderick Pullum stopped by Eden for their after hours party on March 23. This was the scene.RELATED: Night Moves: One Sexy Weekend
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  • Night Moves: One Sexy Weekend
    Plush resident, DJ Aiden hosted a launch party for his new site Aidenbreasher Friday night. Sounds for the evening provided by DJ Seth Lowery. Photographer Roderick Pullum was on hand to capture the scene.
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  • Scenes from the Rally Against Domestic Violence
    Full Dispatch: At the Mayor's Rally Against Domestic Violence, Big Promises and Some Mixed MessagesOn Saturday, Mayor Mike Rawlings called upon the men of Dallas to help end domestic abuse. Former Cowboy Roger Staubach and running back Emmitt Smith along with about 5,000 locals led the way for...
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  • The Crowd Surfing Fans of South By So What
    Quicktrip Park (in Grand Prairie, Texas) was packed with fans for the South by So What?! fest on March 16. Photographer Rachel Parker was on hand to capture the scene, and the wicked crowd surfing that included All That Remains, Of Mice & Men, Escape the Fate, Why? and more.
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  • The Nine Best Tex-Mex Restaurants in Dallas
    It's time to lay out our favorite Tex-Mex restaurants -- an endeavor that consistently draws as passionate a comment stream as any burger post.
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  • 15 Movie Presidents We Wish Were Real
    Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln) and Anthony Hopkins as Richard Nixon (Nixon) get all of the critical acclaim, but fake presidents, like Aaron Eckhart as President Benjamin Asher in this week's Olympus Has Fallen, exemplify ideals just as meaningful. Here are fifteen fake...
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  • The People of the St. Patrick's Day Parade (Part Two)
    Photographer Danny Hurley was on hand to shoot Dallas' St. Patrick's Day parade. RELATED: The Fans of the St. Patrick's Day Snoop Dogg Concert
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  • The 40 Best Photos from the St. Patrick's Day Snoop Dogg Concert
    Somewhere in between the St. Patrick's Day Parade, and performances for our concert that featured A.Dd+, Snoop Dogg and ISHI, photographer Danny Fulgencio was snapping shots. These are the moments.RELATED: The People of the St. Patrick's Day ParadeSt. Patrick's Day Crime Roundup
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