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  • 27 Awesome Photos from The Deep Ellum Arts Festival
    From street vendors to main-stage acts, artists of all kinds shut down Main Street in Dallas for the 19th annual Deep Ellum Arts festival. Photographer Bianca Montes was on the scene on Saturday.
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  • The People of Rockers vs. Mods 2013
    This year's Rockers vs. Mods, a roving celebration of all things Cafe Bikes and scooters, came to Dallas over the April 5th weekend. Photographer Danny Hurley was on hand to capture the people.
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  • 22 Adorable Photos from Dog Bowl 2013
    One afternoon a year, Dallas hands over the keys to the Cotton Bowl, permitting the space to transform into a massive dog park. At Dog Bowl, every canine want is met: there are kiddie pools for soaking, vendors handing out healthy treats, and hundreds of wagging tails, all waiting to be...
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  • Anatomy of a Scene: Jurassic Park's T-Rex Introduction
    We don't see it until about an hour into the movie, but the Tyrannosaurus rex in Spielberg's Jurassic Park -- and the scene that builds up to its violent arrival -- is the best in the film, the 3D version of which hits theaters on Friday. We break down the suspenseful introduction -- the...
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  • 50 Beer Lovers We'd Like to Party With
    Beer festivals bring out people who don't need a larger excuse to down some suds in the sun -- our kind of folks. We searched the nation and came back with these photos of beer drinkers doing what they love. Because beer makes the world go round (and spin sometimes too).
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  • Night Moves: Top 100 Party
    Avenu celebrated making Nightclub and Bar's list of the top 100 clubs in America Friday night with a guest DJ set from Vegas's own DJ David Fogg. Photographer Roderick Pullum was on hand to capture the scene.
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  • Night Moves: A Dallas Night Quest
    Model Levy Tran and Victor Kim from Quest Crew visited the West End and took over Zouk Saturday night. Photographer Roderick Pullum was on hand to capture the scene.
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  • Dallas' Trekkies: The Star Trek Costume Guinness Record Attempt
    On Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Dallas Convention Center, the Texas Lottery held a Trekkie gathering. In honor of their new Star Trek scratch-off card, which could win you up to $50,000 human Earth dollars, the lottery HQ attempted to set the Guinness World Record by "having the most people in...
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  • Night Moves: Standard Pour's One-Year Anniversary
    Photographer Roderick Pullum was on hand for Standard Pour's (2900 McKinney Ave in Dallas) one-year anniversary party.
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  • Top 20 Claustrophobia Movies
    In the new film Detour, Jackson Alder (Neil Hopkins) finds himself trapped by a mudslide inside his car, alone. It takes intense mental control, as well as purposeful distraction, to escape that kind of claustrophobic, panic-inducing situation (View it in iTunes.) So should you ever be in such...
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  • 20 Awesome Photos from March 2013 (NSFW)
    Our picks for the photos of March 2013 at the Dallas Observer.
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  • Inside the Traveling Game of Thrones Exhibit
    Before Season 3 premieres on HBO this Sunday, fans of the TV adaptation of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones series could get close-up with famous props from the show -- including the head of Ned Stark on a pike. Held at 3 West 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan (through April 3), the...
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